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Gluten Free dairy Free Raw and Living Foods Pizza and Pasta

By Ritamarie Loscalzo

raw pizza

How can you make gluten free pizza taste good?  Especially raw?
As an Italian girl  from New York,   I grew up
on New York pizza and homemade pasta that my little Italian
grandmother made fresh a couple of times a week.  As a
result of my upbringing, I consider myself to be a pizza
connoisseur. When I became an adult and began to travel
around the country, I would try the pizza wherever I went
and usually ended up being disappointed.  After I met my
Chicago-born husband 30 years ago, we’d have this friendly
little debate back and forth about which pizza was
better…Chicago or New York.

Then I learned about the connection between what I was
eating and how I was feeling, and decided to give up white
flour, sugar and dairy. My pizza eating days were over.
However, I was determined to find a substitute, so over the
years I experimented with pizza alternatives.  The store
bought whole grain crusts tasted like cardboard.  The dairy
free pizzas back then consisted of crust and sauce with no
attempt at “fake” cheese.

Finally, I discovered nut cheeses and created a delicious
cashew almond ricotta. At first I substituted the white
crust for a homemade whole grain kamut flour crust. It was
pretty good….but nothing like “real” pizza

From there I found the wonderful world of raw pizza.
However, the raw pizzas served at living food restaurants I
visited generally consisted of a piece of raw bread topped
with salad and sometimes tomato sauce. They were delicious,
but they just weren’t pizza to this girl who had grown up on
New York’s finest.

So I began to make my own raw pizza using sprouted kamut
berri es to make a yummy crust and added a rich, savory nut
cheese, a killer raw marinara and lots of veggie toppings.
It was delicious and rivaled any pizza I’d had as a kid.
Then something happened. In researching a paper on the
relationship between gluten and autism, I found research
papers linking many other diseases to gluten intolerance.
The more I researched, the more I lost my appetite for
gluten, so back in 2006 I gave it up completely
. The results
were subtle yet very noticeable to me (more on that in
another article).

Over the years I’ve developed many pizza crust recipes.
Everyone who eats my pizza says it’s the closest to the real
thing they’ve ever tasted.  I also make amazing lasagna.
One of my students asked me to make one for her to take to
an event at her temple.  She shared it with people who
normally eat a s tandard American diet and she didn’t tell
them it was vegan, much less raw.  She served it warm right
out of the dehydrator and people were licking their plates.

Now, I’m ready to share my secret pizza and pasta recipes
with the world.  I’ve teamed up with Living Foods Chefs,
Karen Osborne and Pamela Weems to teach a class called
“Gluten Free, Dairy Free Pizza and Pasta: New Twists on Old
. During the class we’ll make a variety of sauces
and cheeses, and show you how easy it is to make pizza,
lasagna, rawvioli, manicotti, fettuccini alfredo
and more.
It’s a great opportunity to learn to make meals that will
delight even the pickiest of eaters.

We’ll do the class live in Austin, Texas and broadcast it
across the globe.  Here’s the link to sign up now:

The Pizza & Pasta class will be videotaped, and the videos
will be available online. We still have a few seats left in
the live class, which will be held close to downtown Austin.
As a special bonus, everyone who comes to the live class
gets access to the recordings.

Here are the details:

Live Webcast: Sunday October 17, 2 PM Central time
Live Location: Near downtown Austin (directions provided
after you register)
Videotape Recordings: Available to everyone who registers
(whether you attend live, attend online or watch recordings

To sign up for either the live event, the live webcast or
the recordings, go to:

https://drritamarie.com/wp-clone/videoclasses/pizz a2010-10

Early bird tuition is still available for the class.  The
videos and live online broadcast are only $19.95 up until
the day of the class.

I look forward to sharing my mouthwatering recipes and all
the tips and tricks I’ve developed over the years. My
recipes, combined with Chef Karen’s specialties, will
delight your taste buds and make you a favorite at your next
family gathering.

Love, Health and Joy to you,

Dr. Ritamarie


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