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The Next Level Health Practitioner Project


How empowering would it be to…. Predictably attract, convert and retain clients without posting 5 reels a day— awkwardly pointing in air, doing the jitterbug and spending hours searching for the latest trending audio Be “the practitioner” that *finally* figures out your client's health puzzle—because you knew the key intake questions to ask, important and foundational blood chemistry…

The Top 5 Genetic Markers and Lab Tests that Identify Risk for Cardiovascular Disease


A Health Practitioners Guide to Empowering Patients to Protect Themselves From the Top Cause of Premature Mortality JOIN US FOR THIS TRAINING AND LEARN TO: Understand the genetic markers related to cardiovascular function and the risks that having these genetics pose to cardiovascular health. Suggest the tests that can indicate which of these genetic variants…

How to Improve Your Energy, Stamina, and Focus


How to Improve Your Energy, Stamina, and Focus So You Can Live a Healthier, Happier, and More Fulfilled Life When your metabolism is low, it's hard to focus on enjoying all the things you love to do. Your clothes get tighter and tighter, your relationships suffer, and your career may even go on hold for…