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Radio Show: Gluten’s Gotta Go!

By Ritamarie Loscalzo


rp_gluten-free-symbol.jpgHost and Guest:

Lynn DeBuhr Johnson interviews Diane Letchworth, CGP

In this show you’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to be gluten-free, even if you don’t have Celiac disease
  • What the different tests are that you can use for gluten sensitivity
  • What gluten sensitivity means, and why it’s not a fad


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Celiac disease (CD), non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS), and wheat allergy (WA) represent a spectrum of immune-mediated reactions to wheat and, in some cases, specifically gluten, a protein composite of gliadin and gluten in. Once believed to be relatively rare, particularly in the US, it is now thought that gluten-related disorders affect nearly 10% of the population. Although the genetic association, environmental triggers, and autoantibodies produced in CD have been identified, the pathophysiology of NCGS is unclear. The extensive clinical variability appreciated in WA further adds to the intrigue of this major food staple.

Join Lynn DeBuhr Johnson and Diane Letchworth, CGP, as they discuss some answers to wheat and gluten sensitivity and some of the confusion out there around the topic.




Diane Letchworth is a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Certified Gluten Practitioner, and Certified Reiki Master. She is currently a student in Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo’s Nutritional Endocrinology Practitioner Training program, and is also studying to be a Master Aromatherapist




Additional Resources:

Diane has some downloadable PDFs for you at her website, D-Squared Wellness. This includes a “Diet Cult Detox,” a list of “LIVE IT!” tips, and some favorite smoothie recipes (all gluten-free, of course). They have also recently added “10 Gluten Gotchas!” for our radio listeners.

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