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Energy, Exercise and Taking Care of YOU!

By Ritamarie Loscalzo

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Are you taking care of yourself on a deep and nurturing level DAILY?

It’s your time to SHINE with vibrant health, a flat belly, clear mind and vibrant energy.

It’s really easy to get wrapped up in all your have-to do tasks and leave out the important things that keep you energized, happy and slim.

I’m guilty of it too.  Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, yet due to the backlog of work caused by my computer gremlins earlier in the week, I was busy catching up to meet deadlines.  Some were self-imposed deadlines, others were obligations I had made to others.  Either way, I gave up my exercise time and as I look back, I ask “was it worth it?”

Simple Strategies to Double Your Energy and Shrink your Belly Fat

Move Your Body Daily!

Last week I wrote about a BUSY PERSON’S GUIDE TO EXERCISE

I talked about burst training exercise and how much benefit you can get from 30 seconds of intense exercise.  It’s equivalent to 30 minutes of aerobics in terms of the effects on growth hormone and insulin, two key players in determining your degree of leanness vs. fatness!

Yet in spite of all my admonitions to include several 30 second bursts throughout the day, yesterday I did only 1!    It was right before bed and when I did it and I realized how much I missed out by not doing it throughout the day.  I felt alert (not necessarily a desirable thing at bedtime) and happy!  The extra 2 minutes it would have taken to do an extra 4 throughout the day would have been time well spent and would not have negatively affected my productivity!

For guidance in getting your exercise program going and flattening your tummy to boot, check out the Women Getting Fit Teleseries.

Michelle Melendez, a certified personal trainer and very dynamic personality, is going to be speaking on Friday about the “right”  way to begin an exercise program in a talk called “Three Big Mistakes You Make When Starting An Exercise Program.”

My talk on Women Getting Fit is about “How Digestion Can Make or Break Your Weight Release Efforts”

Transform Stress to Positive Self Nurturing

In addition to exercise and food, one thing that can make or break your health is your attitude and self care.  Stress is one of the leading causes of illness, fatigue and even DEATH.  Our top three killer diseases are heart disease, cancer and diabetes.  Studies abound connecting all three to the long term effects of over production of cortisol and the cascade of physiologic and biochemical reactions to it.  So not only does managing stress help you to reduce belly fat and brain fog, it helps protect you from life threatening disease.

Make Time For Doing What You LOVE

Tera Warner created the  WISH Summit as  the avenue for you to do just that with 40 days and 40 nights of inspiring interviews with experts in the field of self care.  You can take it at a relaxed pace.  There’s just one interview each day, so it’s easy to fit them in .  I listen while I work at the computer, make meals and exercise.

You have so many resources available to you to keep you on track with high energy living and vibrant health.  Take advantage of the inspiration and experience of others who’ve been there and can guide you through the challenges.

Go out and get some fresh air and sunshine, move your body, clear your mind of stressful thoughts and let me know how you feel.

Comment below and let me know what you did today to take are of YOU!

Love Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie

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