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Creating a Positive Attitude to Conquer Negative Thinking

By Ritamarie Loscalzo


You made a commitment to yourself that you were not going to have negative thoughts – all your thinking was going to be positive.  You were going to start the day with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

And then you got out of bed.

Maybe you stepped on the shoes you forgot to put away when you flopped into bed.  You forgot to iron your shirt for work, and that healthy lunch you were going to pack just didn’t get done.

So, you stand there just wanting to turn around and crawl back under the covers, wanting to turn back the clock to the night before, wishing you had more hours in the day to ‘do it all.’

Probably not the way you were thinking of starting the day on a positive note.  So how do you turn it around?

First, look at it.  Rather than stuff the feeling and force yourself to put on a happy face, take this as a learning opportunity.  Start preparing right then and there for those pieces you wanted to put into place.

If you wanted to get to bed on time, with your work clothes ironed and in order, and your meals prepped and ready to go, look at your schedule for when you get home.  Is there time in your day to accomplish this?

Be realistic about what your time is and what you can do.  If you really don’t have time at the end of the day, look at your week.  Maybe these are things you can do during the weekend.

The key here is putting yourself in control of your time.  You determine what you want to do – what is most important for you.  See if you are choosing to do certain things because you think you should – or if it really is for your best self.

When you are in the driver’s seat, you have a better idea of what the next step will be.  And that’s a positive thing.

The next thing I would suggest is that you create mindfulness mantras or affirmations for you to do every day.

I received a Muse device for Christmas.  I’ve been using it almost daily, and it’s been helping me to stay in a more positive frame of mind, even on those days when I’m tired but know there is more to be done.

I’m also a big advocate, as you know, of HeartMath and my mini-vacations.  Having those moments that I can take a breath and see in my mind the beach is so valuable for bringing me to a place of peace and tranquility.  When I’m breathing, I can think clearly.

When I’m thinking clearly, that means I’m not simply reacting to a situation.  Once again, I’m the one in control, and I get to decide what my next step will be.

As Epictetus the Stoic taught, your attitude toward your circumstance is the only thing that’s actually in your control.

You can choose to have a positive attitude.  Even if you have an external circumstance that seems to want to drag you down, know that you can change your attitude.

I love to share ideas to help you keep a mindset through many of my programs.  A great way to explore these is in my VITAL Health Community.  Come join us and see!

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