Ocean Robbins

Ocean Robbins

The Power Of Food To Prevent And Heal The Metabolic Disorders That Cause Cancer, Heart-Disease, And Type 2 Diabetes

Big ag, big food and big pharma are making billions - while a toxic food culture fuels skyrocketing rates of chronic illness, out-of-control medical costs and environmental deterioration. But the good news is that you can turn it all around - starting with food. You can radically extend your lifespan and that of your patients and clients and slash the risk of Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, heart disease cancer, and many other ailments - deliciously.

Food Revolution Network co-founder Ocean Robbins will bring you candid truth and heartening stories from the front lines of the food movement. And you’ll discover what's really going on with GMOs, important breakthroughs in food and medical science, and how you can best guide your clients, patients and loved ones to heal ...with food!

Ocean Robbins is co-founder & CEO of the 500,000+ member Food Revolution Network —one of the largest communities of healthy eating advocates on the planet. He has held hundreds of live seminars and events that have touched millions of lives in 190 nations.

Ocean has served as adjunct professor for Chapman University, and is a recipient of the national Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service, the Freedom’s Flame Award, the Harmon Wilkinson Award and many other honors. He is author of the best-seller 31-Day Food Revolution: Heal Your Body, Feel Great, and Transform Your World. 

Ocean’s grandfather founded Baskin-Robbins, and his father, John Robbins, walked away from the family company to write bestsellers like Diet for a New America and to become a renowned health advocate. Now, Ocean is on a mission to transform the industrialized food culture into one that celebrates and supports healthy people and a healthy planet, and he’s inviting YOU to join the food revolution.