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Survival Hormones, WISH, and a yummy coconut veggie recipe!

By Ritamarie Loscalzo

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Personal Note from Dr. Ritamarie

March 12th, 2012 Volume 2, Issue 25


Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly!

time fliesThe clock is ticking.

Spring will be here before we know it. We’ve already “sprung” our clocks ahead. Soon it will be June and my first son will graduate from high school.

How in the world did that happen?

I feels like it was just yesterday when he first learned to crawl and spent almost an hour trying to climb up a step we had between the kitchen and the living room. Scott and I sat and watched, mesmerized by the determination and relentlessness in this tiny being, barely seven months old.

He was so determined to succeed and succeed he did, in spite of fall after fall, over and over again. Of course we lavished him with praise and he beamed with pride and delight.

A few months later he was walking, then running. Now he’s flying the coop and going away to college in August.

Working Your Way Up

I liken Eric’s progression to what we as adults go through when we take on new lifestyle habits, begin a new business, or take up a new art form.

The crawling stage seems endless as we make small strides, slowly. The problem with adults and lifestyle habits is, too often, you’re not as relentless as Eric was. After a few falls, you are tempted to give up rather than continue on towards your goals.

working your way upThe big difference between Eric and many people I counsel about health issues is most people don’t even have a clear goal like little Eric did. He was clear about his goal and he kept going until he reached it. If you don’t have a clear goal, it’s hard to be relentless in its pursuit.

It’s similar to my experience with the pottery class I began in January, attempting to “pick up where I left off” when I quit 7 years ago because I had a traveling husband, homeschooling kids, and a small health practice to run.

I am happy to be back, and find I’m back at the crawling stage because I didn’t keep up with the skill set.

If you’re just starting out with healthy eating habits, an exercise program, a meditation/stress management regime, or getting back into one of these after a hiatus, remember the stages. It’s impossible to run before you can walk!

Do You Have Someone Who Uplifts You?

The other thing that was reinforced with my pottery class was the fact that having a mentor is soooooo important.

Back in 2006, about a year and a half after I quit pottery classes because my husband started traveling again and I just couldn’t fit the classes into the schedule, my husband surprised me with a pottery wheel and kiln, a special gift for my 50th birthday.

I was all excited to get started.

By then, I’d forgotten some of the basic techniques, so I purchased a set of DVDs and sat down at the wheel to throw.

It was really hard and really frustrating, fumbling about with no one to turn to for guidance. I did it a couple of times, made a few awful pots, and never even fired them. The wheel and the kiln have been gathering dust since.

Once I started taking pottery classes in January, I realized how much I rely on asking for guidance, getting help with the same technique over and over, and being encouraged and supported.

It really is the same with health habits. SO many people I speak to have more than a few exercise videos still in the shrink wrap, or a food dehydrator they’ve used once, or all sorts of super foods still in their original bags, unopened because they are just not sure how to use them.

Whether You’re Struggling With Crawling or Flying, I Can Help!

Knowing that it’s human nature to need help with change, that’s exactly why I create my programs the way I do. While some people have the budget to get my assistance one on one when they’re ready to finally get their health in order, many don’t.

SO I’ve developed group coaching programs, my most popular being the Energy Recharge Green Cleanse and the B4 Be Gone System for balancing blood sugar and getting rid of belly fat, brain fog and burnout.

With the right support, the “shrink wrap” finally gets removed and people get into action. And I’m there to answer questions and provide encouragement and support.

It’s so rewarding when I hear how much these programs have changed lives. Many have: shed upwards of 60 pounds of unwanted fat, dropped 8 clothing sizes, let go of 9 inches round the waist, eliminated or reduced the need for medication, been freed of joint pain, finally got their brain back to focus, and so much more.

Because I have lost so many loved ones and watched them suffer, I have made it my mission to offer the education and support that people around the world need to avoid this fate.

The Moment That Inspired Me to Change and to Act

Last fall I was at a seminar and the host decided to raise money for a charity that supported children who’d lost a parent to cancer. I was deeply moved to action. My thought was how about instead we focus on educating people on how to avoid cancer in the first place?

Do you believe there are associations raising money for cancer by selling candy?

I am on a mission to raise consciousness and every person who goes though one of my programs can help me on that mission. By embracing a healthy diet and lifestyle and getting yourself strong and healthy, you too can spread the message of health and be an instrument of healing.

Are You Ready to Fly?

B4 Be Gone SuccessMy next group program is starting on Tuesday.

It’s called the B4 Be Gone System for balancing blood sugar and getting rid of belly fat, brain fog and burnout. B4 Be Gone is so much more than a weight reduction program, although those that have extra weight gladly shed it.

It’s about making the changes on the inside that reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

It’s about seeing results on the outside that give you the confidence and mental clarity to be effective in your life’s chosen endeavor, be it Mom or CEO.

For details about B4 Be Gone, go to:


Insulin Resistance Solution
Practitioner Training

If you happen to be a nutrition or health coach, holistic practitioner or functional medicine doctor and you’d like to get the behind the scenes on how to run a successful program to reverse insulin resistance and balance blood sugar, one on one or in small groups, check out my new Insulin Resistance Solution Practitioner Training. It includes registration in B4 Be Gone and parallels it with “Rounds with Dr Ritamarie calls”, a community forum,worksheets and assessments and a grand finale powerful all day Saturday virtual retreat.

For details go to https://drritamarie.com/wp-clone/programs/irspt/

My feature article today is about one of my favorite topics: the hormones that run the show on a daily basis. These are the hormones that run your every day function, from appetite to sleep to energy to mood.

There’s also a brand new ultra-easy, super satisfying and amazingly balancing recipe in this issue.

I look forward to connecting soon.

With much love and appreciation,

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Creating Vibrant Health Feature Article

The Hormones that Run the Show and Keep you Fit, Focused, and Full of Energy

By Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

When a very wise business coach said to me years ago, “You need to specialize in hormones,” my brain immediately went to menopause, PMS, and other female reproductive issues. I told her I was not interested in narrowing down my focus and audience so much. I love working with people of all ages and genders.

I specialize in helping people restore their energy, overcome thyroid imbalance and adrenal fatigue, and get their blood sugars in balance. And, because of my own personal success with cleansing and detoxification, I am really successful with using detoxification with all my patients and clients.

Then it hit me.

I do specialize in balancing hormones.

Only, it’s not limited to the reproductive hormones.

The Hormones that Help You Survive Each Day

When I first help someone with improving health, I start with what I have come to term the “survival” hormones. They are the hormones that are vital to our day to day functions and have daily rhythms.

It isn’t that I don’t suggest strategies for reproductive hormones; those are vital too, and they are intimately related to the day to day hormones. But the cycles for reproductive hormones tend to have a monthly cycle, so I start with the immediate needs of “survival” hormones first.

I’ve observed that there’s a huge misconception when it comes to hormones – what they are and what they do. And there’s especially a lot of confusion about how to bring them into balance.

SO I have planned a series of articles that will be posted on my blog to educate you about your hormones and empower you to nurture them and love them into balance.

Upcoming Educational Series on Hormone Health

In each article you’ll get a “Hormone 101” look at the hormone of the week – its function, what can go wrong, how to test it, and a few tips on how to bring it into balance.

The “how to bring it into balance part” is a lot more complex than I can can cover fully in a short blog post, so I’ll point you in the direction of where you can find out more – a book, a recording, an in-depth article, or a coaching program.

For today, I’ve posted a list of the hormones I plan to cover with a one liner about their function.

You can read more HERE.

For now, I’ll give you a sneak preview of next week’s hormone, insulin.

Introduction to Insulin 101

I’ll be starting with insulin for two reasons:

  1. One is that it’s interlaced with so many other hormones that when insulin is overactive, it can cause malfunctioning of several other hormones, most notably cortisol, adrenalin, thyroid, growth hormone and leptin.
  2. The second reason for starting with insulin is that out of balance insulin can lead to excess fat around your middle, a foggy and unfocused brain, fatigue, and depression. It can also contribute to inflammation and lead to heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.   (more on the insulin/inflammation connection in an article planned for publication later in the week)

So, as you can see insulin is an important hormone to fix.

I have a program beginning on Tuesday, March 13th, called B4 Be Gone that focuses on bringing insulin levels into balance.

B4 Be Gone takes you through a 30-day process to restore healthy insulin response. It guides you through the healthy diet and lifestyle changes and suggests the herbs, supplements and superfoods that balance insulin.


We’ve already had 120 people graduate from B4 Be Gone and their results were quite profound. Weight reduction of up to 60 pounds has been reported, girth loss of up to 30 inches, increases in energy, decreases in medication needs, changes in blood pressure, cholesterol and other blood parameters and overall improved well-being.

You can get started HERE or read more below.


B4 Be Gone Offers a Fully Balanced Approach to Health and Hormones

In B4 Be Gone we have two modules dedicated to hormones and their balance.

I’ve been intently studying blood sugar imbalances and all the hormones and lifestyle factors involved in creating and preventing them so I can bring you the most cutting edge information.

By now you’ve probably heard about and likely even watched my Bye-Bye B4 video series and listened in on my teleseminar, 5 Cutting Edge Strategies to Balance Your Blood Sugar, Melt Your Midline, Sharpen Your Focus, and Recharge Your Energy.

Over 3300 people have signed up for that free educational series, and the number is growing as more people share and appreciate the free strategies I’ve provided. If you haven’t seen it, you can still access the series here:


In addition to the free series, we already have over 100 new people and 75 returning members participating in the B4 Be Gone program.


Because it works.

People are coming back for the continued support they need to make healthy life changes. It’s hard to implement lasting change on your own. When you have an outlined step-by-step strategy for what to do next, and a community of people taking steps with you, it takes away the obstacles of confusion and isolation. And when the results show up quickly, as they do for those who are committed and dive in, it’s rewarding and self-motivating.

As Mary Wolfe, one of our graduates says, “If you’re prepared to change your life… it’s the BEST thing to do!”

An Easy Step To Help Balance Your Hormones

This tip is related to balancing “growth hormone,” the subject of one my recent radio shows. You can listen in there for more info, but here’s a quick and easy suggestion for getting growth hormone in balance, and this step relate to another hormone called “ghrellen.”

Tip: Make friends with hunger.

When you get hungry, it’s because your your stomach is secreting ghrellin.

Ghrellin is a potent stimulator of growth hormone. SO if you can hold off eating for about 30 minutes or up to an hour after you first feel hungry, you’ll be powerfully stimulating fat burning and lean muscle building. SO when you start to feel hungry, instead of immediately reaching for a snack or meal, drink water and sit with it for 30 – 60 minutes, knowing you’re revving up your fat burning furnace!

Find Out More With B4!

For lots more guidance and support in getting all these hormones in balance, join us for B4 Be Gone.

If you act soon, we’ve just introduced a special 5-payment option that allows you to get started for $57.


Can’t wait to connect!


Events with Dr. Ritamarie

Dr. Ritamarie’s Living Foods Potluck
and Information Night

Raw Food Potluck Austin TexasOnce a month, you can join us LIVE in Austin, Texas for a local raw food potluck where you can:

  • Meet like-minded people and make new friends.
  • Learn new and exciting recipes.
  • Gather valuable health and nutrition information.
  • Feel supported on your health quest.

Click HERE to learn more about the event and find out all the details on what to bring and what to expect.

Upcoming Dates (last Saturday of every month unless noted otherwise):

  • Saturday, March 31st, 6:30 p.m. central
  • Saturday, April 28th, 6:30 p.m. central
  • Saturday, May 26th, 6:30 p.m. central

What our attendees have to say about recent potlucks:

  • “I had a great time meeting new people and gained new knowledge and wisdom regarding blood sugars and the importance of a clean, whole food diet. The food tasted amazing and the display of all the dishes looked wonderful. Thank you to Dr. Ritamarie, her husband and all of the people who contributed to make this connection possible. What a great experience.”
    — Bridget

  • “Incredible! The food was awesome. You won’t leave hungry. Lots of very interesting people. Ritamarie was a wonderful host. She shared some extremely helpful information on health restoration. I wish now I had brought three more people to hear this information. She was so gracious, answering questions and sharing her knowledge with wit and compassion.”
    — Yvetta Myers

Click HERE to join and follow this Meeting Group.


Radio Shows with Dr. Ritamarie

Upcoming Vibrant Health Solutions Radio Shows:

Dr. Ritamarie’s Vibrant Health Solutions Radio Show: combining experience, education, and practical advice to make healthful eating fun again! Click here to learn more.

Upcoming Radio Shows and Special Guests

  • Thursday, March 15th Gluten-Free: Is it Just a Fad? Part 1 with guest Dr. Thomas O’Bryan
  • Thursday, March 22ndGluten-Free: Is it Just a Fad? Part 2 with guest Dr. Thomas O’Bryan

Recorded Show Replays for You to Enjoy


About Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, MS, DC, CCN, DACBN, has been an integrative health care practitioner for over two decades, empowering her patients and students to overcome health challenges and lead a joyful and healthy life.

She’s a Doctor of Chiropractic with Certifications in Acupuncture, Clinical Nutrition, HeartMath® and Herbal Medicine as well as a certified raw and living foods instructor, chef, and coach.

Dr. Ritamarie LoscalzoShe’s the author and co-author of several gluten-free vegan and raw foods recipe books including: Power Breakfast Ideas, Deliciously Quick Lunch and Dinner, Healthy Halloween Treats, Dessert: Making it Rich Without Oil and Dried and Gone to Heaven.

She’s also the creator of many successful online courses designed to restore people to the health, energy, and vitality they need to live full and vibrant lives.

Dr. Ritamarie resides in Austin, Texas with her husband and sons. She can be reached at http://www.DrRitamarie.com.


Energy Enhancing Resources


B4 Be Gone System

B4 Be Gone System: Dr. Ritamarie’s proven coaching system takes you step-by-step through the process of balancing your blood sugar and banishing belly fat, brain fog, and burnout so you can regain the energy, focus, and self-confidence to live your life with passion and purpose. Complete with instructional modules, 30 days of menu plans, a 220-page recipe collection, exercise regimes, stress transformation techniques, sleep guidelines, timing cycles, videos, audios, and a community support forum, you’ll have an effective and balanced lifestyle approach to reclaiming your health. 
Learn more here…




Bye-Bye Belly Fat, Brain Fog, and Burnout

Free Video Series: Belly fat is not only a complaint in terms of appearance, it can be a warning sign that your body needs help. Excess belly fat, brain fog, and burnout can be indications of metabolic problems involving your hormones, immune system, and detoxification pathways. I’ve created series of free videos to share with you key steps from my 30-day process to balance your blood sugar naturally! Get immediate access here…



The Women’s International Summit for Health (WISH):
40 Days and 40 Nights Dedicated to the Most Pressing Issues Facing Women Today

In celebration of International Women’s Day, 40 of the world’s leading health and wellness luminaries have gathered to share their knowledge and insights during WISH (Women’s International Summit for Health). This 40-day online conference is exploring the key areas of interest for women, from food, beauty and fitness to relationships, abundance and sensuality.

WISH speakers - Women's International Summit for Health 2012The summit has just begun, and you can register now HERE:


The list of distinguished experts participating in the Summit is worthy of a red carpet. Author of sixteen best-selling books, author SARK; Grethchen Rubin, creator of The Happiness Project; Carol Look, the phenomenal abundance coach and EFT Master; Bruce Lipton, author of Spontaneous Evolution; renowned pioneer in fertility education and genuine sexual liberation, Pamela Madsen; along with a who’s who of inspirational thought leaders.

Program creator, Tera Warner, says that WISH is an invitation to the multitasking miracle workers in our society. She invites participants to put themselves on top of their to do list and prioritize the areas of their lives that are most out of balance. “The laundry and dishes can wait,” she says. “It’s time for women to step forward and step up to the call of living life fully and improving conditions around them. It’s not just a right, it’s our responsibility.”

All “multitasking miracles” should register HERE:


WISH runs for 40 days, with each day of the event being dedicated to a different guest. WISH presenters address a range of 10 topics that are pertinent to women’s health; sensuality, spirit, food, relationships, fitness, beauty, health, money, attitude and balance. Each day, participants will access one of the inspiring presentations which have been designed to get their most pressing questions answered.

With more than 40 interviews, there is something for women of all walks of life.

Register and join the world’s biggest empowerment party for women here:


WISH - Women's International Summit for Health


Disclosure: Sometimes (but not always), when I share resources in my programs, newsletter, and on my website, I’m using an affiliate link, which means I do make money if you buy. My credibility is extremely important to me; therefore, I only endorse the products, services, and people I believe in. DrRitamarie.com is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.


Recipes that Recharge

Satiating Soup!

By Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

If you’re looking for a delicious blood sugar friendly soup, this recipe is both satiating and nutritious!

Coconut Vegetable Soup


  • coconut6 cups choice of vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, zucchini, kale, etc.
  • 2 cups tender leafy greens like spinach or arugula
  • 2 stalks celery, finely minced
  • 1/4 cup coconut butter (Artisana) OR 1/4 cup shredded coconut OR 1/2 fresh coconut (meat)
  • 1 teaspoon curry powder OR 1 teaspoon Thai Kitchen Red Curry Paste
  • 1/2 teaspoon kelp powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt or to taste
  • 1 pinch cayenne if desired
  • 1-inch piece ginger
  • 1 small piece turmeric, fresh (if available)
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 lime, juice of (optional)


  1. Steam vegetables (retain the steam water).
  2. Put baby greens in a large bowl with minced celery.
  3. When vegetables are lightly steamed, take half and put in a blender with 2 cups steam water.
  4. Blend with remaining ingredients.
  5. (Optional) Add additional steam water and spices or salt to taste.
  6. Put whole steamed vegetables in bowl with the raw greens and celery (optionally, all veggies can be finely chopped and kept raw, and you can use warm water instead of the broth.)
  7. Pour creamy blender contents over vegetables and serve warm.

B4 Be Gone Recipe Collection and Menu PlannerThe B4 Be Gone Recipe Collection contains over 200 more recipes designed to help those who are struggling with Diabetes, blood sugar imbalance, and insulin resistance.

Get access to low-glycemic, blood-sugar friendly, whole, mostly living food recipes as part of the B4 Be Gone System. The B4 System comes with a 30-day menu planner using the recipes, a “grab and go” section, snack attack strategies, and so much more.

Learn more here!

Do you have a great raw food recipe you’d like to share? Submit your recipe at: https://drritamarie.com/wp-clone/newslettercontributions/

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Internationally recognized speaker, author and mentor, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo is the “Woman’s Fatigue Expert and Vibrant Health Mentor.”

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Disclosure: Sometimes (but not always), when I share resources in my programs, newsletter, and on my website, I'm using an affiliate link, which means I do make money if you buy. My credibility is extremely important to me; therefore, I only endorse the products, services, and people I believe in. DrRitamarie.com is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are my own.

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