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Get Pregnant By Eating the Right Foods

By Ritamarie Loscalzo


Is it possible that you can increase your chance of conceiving just by changing the foods you eat?

Dr. Ritamarie is joined on the air this week by holistic pregnancy expert, Bridgit Danner.

Bridgit Danner has been fascinated with the intersection of Chinese medicine, Western medicine and a healthy lifestyle since 2000.  She has helped many couples find healthier habits and a happier mindset in their journey to parenthood.  Her clients have described her as, ‘open and approachable,’ ‘thorough and holistic’ and ‘exceptionally knowledgeable about fertility issues.’

 In this show learn:

  •  Why your partner absolutely needs to be eating right as well
  • Why digestion is just as important as what you eat
  •  The 4 foundations of a baby-friendly diet

For more information about Bridgit Danner and Eating Right for Getting Pregnant, please visit her website: www.joyfulmammas.com

Additional Resources:

From breast milk to formula: These are the exact recipes Dr. Ritamarie developed to feed her adopted sons and has shared with dozens of adoptive parents as well as mothers who needed supplementation for their babies and wanted something more nutritious than commercial formula.
(As with any diet changes related to your children, consult your pediatrician before using these recipes) To order Nut Milk Formulas, go here…

Click here to download…

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