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Using Lab Testing and Nutrigenomics for Balancing the Endocrine System

April 5 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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  • Doctors, nurses and other front-line health professionals who want to break out of the allopathic system, empower their clients, and get to the bottom of their health issues without pharmaceuticals.
  • Health coaches and nutritionists who want to stay ahead of their savvy clients — the ones who have “tried everything” — and support them to transform their health and truly get to the root causes
  • Nutrition enthusiasts who want to stay at the cutting edge of health information so they can get as healthy as possible (while in the back of their minds wondering if they have what it takes to help others get healthy as they learn)
  • How using lab testing and genetic markers can help you to get better and quicker outcomes and enable you to explain imbalances in a way that will motivate and empower your patients and clients to adopt the life-changing habits you know will help them to heal.
  • How personalizing supplementation and diet recommendations based on the genetic findings and lab testing will lead to the best results
  • How to move away from cookie-cutter healing protocols to  plans are customized for bio-individuality based on your history, habits, lab findings and genetics
  • How to master the art and science of using nutrigenomics and functional lab testing to create a thriving and fulfilling practice that grows and prospers because you get real results for people who have been out of balance for a long time

Lab Testing and Nutrigenomics to get the BEST Outcome

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