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Empowering Communication for Energy and Vitality

By Ritamarie Loscalzo

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I had the enormous pleasure of interviewing my good friend Alan Seid on my Vibrant Health Solutions radio show recently and it was very empowering and inspiring to me. I met Alan last year at a business conference and really got to know him and become friends earlier this year.

We connected around our shared interest in a set of communication tools known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC). It’s something I learned about when my children were very young and I needed a way to communicate with them that was empowering for them and honored my own needs and choices as well.

Nonviolent Communication
teaches the art of
deep listening — to yourself as well as others, and helps you to discover the depth of your own compassion. Interviewing Alan this week reminded me that I had fallen away from actively using the skills I had used so effectively when my children were younger. It reminded me to reincorporate these methods into my communication on a daily basis. Alan is a master at it. He modeled it on the radio show. He shared an example of how he used it in what could have been a dangerous situation, and he offered tips to get you started.

There are four key ingredients to effective, compassionate communication, as taught by NVC:

  1. Make an observation without judgement
  2. Get in touch with your feelings, and express them using an “I Statement”. Alan explains how to know if you are expressing a feeling vs a thought.
  3. Express the need you have that feels in jeopardy. Needs may be basic human ones, like safety and love, or something more personal. The example Alan shared gives you the details.
  4. Make a request. Ask for what it is you desire. As was demonstrated by Alan’s example, sometimes you don’t need to explicitly make the request, because the other steps are so effective that the other person offers what you want before you even state it.

When you learn to effectively communicate, not only do your relationships flourish, your health does too. You are no longer a victim of cortisol surges and all the damage they bring.

I had a blast interviewing Alan, and I know that you will enjoy the show:


In this show learn:

1. The power behind nonviolent communication.

2. Some simple, high-leverage tips to prevent and solve misunderstandings and conflicts.

3. The recipe for success in communication.


I could have talked with Alan for hours. I wanted to see more NVC in action.

Fortunately he has some free videos on his site, and I am going to watch them all.

Click here to access Alan’s videos:


Click here to listen to the replay of the radio show:


Love, Health, and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo

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