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30 Day Fun and Sleep Challenge: A Big Day of Fun Goes a Long Way Towards Happy Adrenals.

By Ritamarie Loscalzo

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What a day!   I had intended to get this posted this morning, but time escaped me.  Between making breakfast for the kids and preparing for my Balance My Body webinar, I ran out of cycles.

After messing up on several of my comittments yesterday, I made up for it today!  Seems FUN was taking the brunt of my unfulfilled commitments all week, but last night and today really made up for it.

After the Balance My Body webinar, I drove my son (or rather he drove me!!!  He has his learner’s permit) to a friend’s house then went downtown to our beautiful hike and bike trail and did a 4 mile run around the lake.

Afterwards, I went to whole foods and bought some lovely vegetables.  I was on my way to pick up my son and his friend frm the movies, when my husband called and let me knw that he could do it.  So I stopped by Borboletta’s, one of Austin’s raw foods cafes, which recently changed management, to check out the changes.  Low and behold, I ran into one of my students who’s become a dear friend.  We sat and chatted, while eating drinking green smoothies and eating delicious raw and living foods, like kale salad, for hours.

I put in a couple of hours of work and now I’m off to hottub with the family and then go to bed.

A successful self care day on all fronts!

Here’s my report card for Friday:

  1. Exercise 30 minutes – FLOP – all I did was a few minutes of weights
  2. Fun: Quality time with my husband – a date for dinner at Beets Cafe! Yipee.  It was great.  We had a lovely dinner and good conversation.
  3. Water – 8 cups Success
  4. Get myself signed up to take the Vibrant Health Mindset Course and recommit to my own goals. Didn’t quite makt it and will move this to tomorrow.
  5. Bed by midnight – Superflop.  The evening out and a 2 hour excursion with my almost 16 year old son took time from a commitment I had to make.  I taught a webinar class thsi morning for my Balance My Body group, and needed to prepare the case studies, and get everything set up, plus I needed to finish the maintenence Plan for the 6 week detox, as promised.  Thus I got to bed at 2.  I did sleep until 8 so this is still a better night’s sleep than I was getting last week.  Progress not perfection.

Saturday’s Commitments…made this morning but posted in the evening:

  1. Fun – 30 minutes
  2. Exercise – longer run – 4 miles
  3. bed by midnight
  4. Hot-tub or Sauna before bed

How did you do yesterday? What are your commitments for today?  Comment below.


Love, Health and Joy,

Dr. Ritamarie

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1 Comment

  1. mary on March 8, 2010 at 10:23 am

    So I think only commiting to and focusing on the one goal worked better for me. I slowed down, paid attention and chewed my food today. Also the other things I have been wanting to work on sort of fell in line even though I dropped my commitments to them. So I am thrilled. I didn’t eat any nuts today and I didn’t overeat and I hardly spent any time on the computer. I am very pleased. Since this worked so great today Tomorrow (monday) this is my commitment:

    I will chew my food well.
    I will not eat in front of the TV or computer.
    I will pay attention to what I am eating, looking at it and putting my fork down in between bite- chewing and tasting.

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